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Someone suggestion was to start E-mail marketing, i visited ExactTarget where Scott Dorsey work as a CEO, they were claiming that "The TicketsNow remarketing strategy has certainly delivered results – with a 30% email channel contribution lift in total company revenue". Another Service was given by Emma, the Web-based service that makes it easy to create, send and track stylish email newsletters and campaigns. You can have a free tour or have a quick online tour to see how it works, and also they offer agency so that you can start your own marketing compaign. When i google it to find some stuff, I found Total E-Mail Marketing Total E-Mail Marketing By Dave Chaffey, 2007 Writer's Market by Robert Lee Brewer & Joanna Masterson , Marketing With E-Mail by Shannon Kinnard, Direct Marketing by Edward L. Nash. These refferances are only informative not promotional, Therefore! not recommanded by me.

Things should be consider in doing E-marketing:
1) How much bounce messages you are having? And with what ratio?
2) The subject of your compaign, should be relavant.
3) Analysing Click-through rate.
4) Targeting right particulars
5) Tracking
6) Analysing your previous mistakes


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