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what is going to happen on 10th of sep is a big question, we being looking the strategies building on both sides, current situation is very tense, leaders and workers of pakistan muslim league (N) are arrested by the government, posters from walls welcoming nawaz sharif are being removing many times said by the party represantatives. There are 4 plans PML (N) has under consideration about returning of Nawaz Sharif to pakistan. They will either came through a normal flight or by a chartered plane, the other two plans will be annouced on that day before there arrival.Ruling out any compromise with President Pervez Musharraf, exiled former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has vowed to oust the military dictator from power in the next six weeks. "His tenure ends on October 15 and he (Musharraf) has no constitutional right to remain. I hope to force him to step down by October 15 .

Saudi government is still wanted Nawaz Sharif not to break his promises with Saudi government and keep himself out from pakistan and not to play any part in politics for 3 more years. On the other side court has ordered to arrest Shahbaz Sharif in the extra judicial killing case registered against him in 2000.
On the other side President Pervez Musharraf awaiting the Arrival of US deputy secretary of state John Negroponte and South Asian under-secretary of State Richard Boucher, the head of General Musharraf's main support base described the military ruler's chances of staying in power as increasingly poor. Its look like that President Musharraf is strongly needed by US with coallience with moderators like benazir bhutto, Supporter of PPPP are also not looked satisfy with the deal news between Benazir and Government. Still the picture is not that clear as PML (Q) is very disturb with the current politics of pakistan, and this PML(Q) will suffer most.

  1. Myself September 10, 2007 at 6:15 AM  

    Nawaz shareef has been exile once again after staying & arresting by NAB for 4 hours, he will remain lived in jaddah according to the agreement with foreign leadership

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