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President Gen. Pervez Musharraf will seek a new five-year term in a presidential election set for October 6, As said that Musharraf's current term expiring on November 15. The Supreme Court on Thursday continued hearing a raft of complaints -- including over recent changes to the election rules that favor Musharraf, and the judgment is most probably expected on 24 october. APDM (all partied democratic movement) had annouce there resigning from assemblies after hearing the presidential election schedule. PPPP still not intrested in paricipating in any APDM decisions, and on the other hand Maulana fazal-ur-rahman of JUI not looking possitive on APDM current decission. The role of Benazir & Fazal-ur-rahman are continue looking Ambiguous in the current senario, that is to see what will be Musharraf's choice to deal with, but some people thinks that deal has been done but not announced so it will be the political situation which will give us clue and clues are start coming and very much visible. PML (Q) are looking united still but if Musharraf want to set a united state favorable team of moderate forces to be supported then it will be very critical to go aside with all this.


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