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Some peoples asked why not we get these kind of chances to become billionaires, why not we have assets all around the world for backup, are we not nationalist or loyal to nation. Talking about Deal, i would like to share comments in form of some questions asked in the article below by a common pakistanis on the topic "Will the SC verdict pave the way for a smooth and peaceful transition to democracy?" on theNews.

comment:1 "Nothing will happen for democracy and common man. Giving Bhutoo/Zardari a pass of billions of Dollars by bringing Ordinance is one of the big moral crimes committed by any government in this era. In the USA and West politicians' whole career eliminated just for smaller corruption of even $500. Officials go behind the bars for accepting international travel. For God sake the whole poor people have been deprived of billions of Dollars just for 30 politicians. These 30 politicians should be banned from politics forever and put behind the bars. Why not Pakistani government never used its influence on US and British Governments, FBI and CIA to investigate that how come Bhutto, Zardari showing $3000 per year of average income for the last 30 years, have accumulated so much of wealth? Can Musharraf, any General, CJ of SC, any lawyer, or any brave person can ask West and the USA to investigate these international thieves from all parties? The people of Pakistan have to defeat them in elections and bring them to justice. I pray to Allah that if these people are real looters, then why Allah does not catch them. Where are our ‘activist lawyers and judges’ who are supporting Aitzaz Ahsan of PPP, who is like a partner in the crime? Shame on the government and all those, who negotiated with PPP--Allah will never leave you alone for giving relief to the looters of poor Pakistani people."

comment:2 "When the parliament consisting of about 450 members cannot guarantee the interest of the country protected, how do you expect a court consisting of 15 members will watch and protect the interest of the country?"

comment:3 "This is so absurd by some of the commentators that Supreme Court verdict is not acceptable. Supreme Court can only translate the law, which are made by the parliament. The other point I want to mention here is where in the constitution it says that the parliament cannot elect President twice in five years especially, which is completing its term? If the outgoing parliament can pass an amendment in the constitution in its dieing days for the rest of life of the country, then why it cannot elect President twice? Do not compare Europe /America's public with our educated people, as our so-called educated are the worst than the illiterate of any country."

comment :4 "I would like to point out after years Pakistan has reached some level of recognition. The present situation is pathetic, where our country's lawyers are acting like lunatics, ranting and raving once again. They should be reminded that a country does not move forward or establish itself on the verdict of the lawyers especially, not our country's, as they do not seem to know what they want, sometimes they fight for their kind and sometimes against their own."


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