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Interesting to see flexibility from president camp, first welcoming Benazir to participate in the election and after that Nawaz Sharif got an opertunity and worm welcome in the punjab. After 4 days dead-line given by APDM to the Government, next meeting will be held on 29 Nov, But no hard lines likely to be come from any opposition party except Pakistan Tahreeq-e-Insaf of Imran Khan who had already boycott the Election. Few other parties also has oppose to take part in the general election. If Free and fair election, Independent election comission, restoration of judiciary including CJ Iftakar Mohammad Choudary, Desolving system of local government, Independent caretaker govenment and Independent Media are the similar demands from all the parties, then why can't they conduct APC (All PArties Conference) to make one voice? Are they remembering the promises which they keep repeating all the time. What about all the suffering by Judiciary, Lawyers movement, Media, Civil society and Common man. Will politicians keep eating all the apples alone again? They should not thrust for power. After all its Allah's will which decide what next is about to come. Our boarder are in fire, our peoples (both in army and tribes) are killing each other and no one can even talk about it except in the favour of Government bacause its Emergency, Ohh Allah what are we doing, Do we not have a single sensible man to think beside his own rule in this Country? I think Justise Wajih-ud-din is a wise man and he had urged all political parties not to take part in Election under current situation.


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