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I had conducted a Poll which is closed now, question ask in that poll was "Who do you like to be next prime minister of pakistan?" and now its time to announce the result of that poll. This polling conducted by me personally, so there isnt any chance of manupulation in it. The meaning of that poll is to make a judgement to whom peoples like to see as a prime minister of pakistan. If any of you have anything to poll for, e-mail me: adeelsaeed83@gmail.com or just comment me on this blog i will inshallah start new poll very soon, once again I am thanking everyone of you for participating in it, Be in-touch for the coming poll.

Result of Vote in percentage:

Nawaz Shareef Got (15%) Votes

Benazir Bhutoo Got (12%) Votes

Imran Khan Got (55%) Votes

Shaukat Aziz Got (15%) Votes

Maulana fazal-ur-rahman Got (2%) Votes


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