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Pakistan currently is going onward? How much truth is in this sentence no one knows. But Pervez Musharraf is definately got which no politician in pakistan ever got, Yes
I am talking about 8 years of rule and still he succeed in his plan for 5 more year of rule. If i remember corectly some politicians from Muslim leaque(Q) were talking about possible alliance there can be for next government. But they cant believe APDM can Boycott the coming election, According to my views if the public pressure build in before election then All parties remain Stick on there decision of a boycott. PPP and fazul-ur-rahman remain not interested in APDM decisions, they should look for Pakistan instead of there own Political intrests and personal gains. Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and Justice Wajihuddin Ahmed and Peoples from civil society urged Pakistan's political parties not to take part in election under such conditions.
It will be very difficult for pervez musharraf to clear the reservations of the opposition parties. Some observers thinks that we should look forward, forget independant judiciary, they says media should be in limit under government idealogy. Look we are in 3rd phase of Democracy under President Pervez Musharraf vision of Democracy, Here we are going to waste millions of rupees in election to form a parliament which can be desolve anytime by president without any explainations. There will not be any voting against President Pervez Musharraf decisions under parliment. Same as we saw issues discussed in the last parliment which has completed his tenure, There will be no independant judiciary to give justise to anyone, it will more likely to be working as one of the president's Office, Is this what
pervez musharraf called Ideal Democracy where there is no check and balance over President of pakistan. If there is a ragging in the coming Election, no institution will gave justise to any political party. Another Point in favour of not lifting Emergency is we cant have accountability and debates to discuss wrong policies adobted by previous Government.


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