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The transmission of pakistan's largest private news channel is on Air after a very long time, the channel is officially continues there full transmission from 6 pm local time 21, january 2008.
After a curb on media and judiciary several channels were shut down, but geo news remain under curb of government due to strong criticism by the anchors specially Shahid masood, Kamran khan & Hamid mir on the wrong policies and mis-handling on major issues.
I said it earlier that it will remain undecided untill analysing the programs Geo plays onwards. I thought there might be some adjustment between Government and News Channel thats why we couldnt see the same stance on the issues from it. May be they will remain underpressure as like judiciary and peoples who are still under protest againsts the dictatorship in pakistan, and may be after election we could see any change which is not very likely under current situation.

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    Hopefully change that will come is for the better.

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