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Are we coming Back to politics of 90'es? Unexpected policies of peoples elected parties. Where are we going and what could we achieve by so called democratic elected government? Most importanly we should set the priorty first to be address. But we as a nation are completely losted in the wested interest of the world power. we couldnt even understand that it is Allah who gave life and decide the Rizq of any nation and no super power interep what you desearve.

If government of pakistan included President Musharraf use to ask everything from USA and unable to use their own skills and talent to savequard the policies good for pakistan then why not they elected any person directly from Bush cabnet to decide the future of our nation. And after the excuse by his own party PML-Q not intrested to be the part of Government in current political situation. He should understand before too late.

Our army? everyone knows about our army, people may die on a road, suiside due to hunger, economic fall. whatever the case no one dear to cutt a single ruppee from their budget. Our beloved army can only operate against our own people, what about all the money we had paid in the taxes to become an atomic power? we couldnt defend a single attack from outside just because our army can only fight with own brothers, what if when india will become more powerful as he trying to progress economically and politically attacks on our land what options we would have? Remember no army can fight with enemy without the support of their peoples and i think our army better knows about their image.

We already had Enough talk on NRO, it is certified that most profitable and less-risky profession of our country is Politics, Just you need to have some money to invest on. Coming back to politics we have to face zardari's constitutional package with hope to be in our national interest(not for his personal interest)and for strengthening our parliment. Movement for Independent Judiciary is started again, let see how much pressure it can build on federal government (PML-N decleared full support in punjab province).

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