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lawyers rally came to an end with claims to have the largest gathering in the history of Islamabad with 2-3 lacks of peoples reach infront of parliment house for the reinstatement of Judges. But the result are same as predicted by many observers and analysts, Lawyer are now looking to change the style of protest to continue the pressure on government but still we are nowhere near the solution as demand by lawyer to restate judiciary as it were on 2 November. Let see how much success they get in the next face of there movement and how come they reunit the groups who were little disappointed after the Long March. look to me that no revolution can change the shadow of darkness. My perception should be wrong.

After the attack on mehman agency where many pakistanis including 11 army man killed local taliban vowed to raise a militia to help Pakistan's army defend the border with Afghanistan. This is not the first time that we have seen these kind of attacks on paistani soil but the difference is only the so called democratic government elected through votes pledge before election that we would not allowed anyone to strike our land and now whats happening, NATO troop striking NATO's Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe (Contemporary Security Studies)every day or two, there aircraft is free to fly anywhere in pakistan and kill whoever they want. where is our soveranity, whom we going to beg for our life? why to make an army? Is this how atomic powers react? Yes this is so because we have the most currupted politicians to rule us, coward army who can only fight with weaks, capitalists sucking the blood and capturing the resources of our nation, Upper class not wanted to share a single rupee with poor.
The peace agreement will not be lasted in such conditions where NATO forces are striking on our border areas and US officials already told that all these Peace talk will be ended soon. We have to identify our real enemy and ask nation to stand against them or else we will be doomed by the slow poison of economic, judicial, social and national crises. 

The Budget(2008-09) of about 2.01 trillion rupees anounced, The main clauses of it are the contractual employees till Grade 15 will be permanent, Import Duty will be increase on all Luxury vehicles. One million housing units will be built for low-income groups, Sales tax raised from 15% to 16%, Federal govt employees salaries raised by 20%. Number of Supreme Court judges increased from 16 to 29, Rs1000 per month to be provided to poor families. Minimum pension raised to Rs2000 from Rs300, Special focus on agricutural and fertilizer sector. Policies are to be made to expend Exports, Duties are made on Imports. The federal government has allocated 549 billion rupees for the Public sector development programmes, Total of 929.5 billion rupees will be spent on the general Public service. Defence budget is around 296 billion rupees


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