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Every nation has its own values and culture, to do something one should know all the requirments of it, we are here talking about Nation of more than 100 Crore peoples.
India when realise how important we are and want to grab maximum advantage of that economic system around the world. India start working on the same pattern as china did, to keep ignoring world politics and try to concentrate on economics while many of countries were involve or force to be involve in dirty games of powerful nations.
Education always give results and india's focus was on right spot. IT sector flourished, now they are one of the biggest back office services providers and education are now start generation a good revenue to indian economics.
Another thing on which India worked is "Cinema" which is playing an important role not in there economics but also in promoting the indian culture all around the globe.
According to Indian Medical Device and Diagnostics Industry Conference. The medical devices market is showing a impressive growth. In India, the growth of the market is estimated between 10-15 percent. US market to reach $5.6 billion in 2008
The Most significant step that the government had Decided in Budget(2008-2009) is 60,000-crore debt relief package benefiting 40 million farmers and it will build confidence among farmer which are in agricultural field.
That was just a general overview of indian economy their are indeed many other factor of it, but the main thing to be noted for developing countries that if you keep focusing in right direction and if your intension are good and God is willing you can achieve like others.


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