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We are running on US Aid, Grants given to us are not because they love us or they want us to be florished. But why not pakistan reject these kind of aids! Are you kidding? Dont you see how well dress our rulers are, you should always give a smile while looking at the shiny car rally of our VIP's. If you are hugry dont be frustrated, get use to electricity shutdown, judiciary will be restore one day(only and if president agree to do so). People who voted PPP should respect NRO and should respect president musharraf and must follow the commands as according to the deal. People of pakistan living in the north-western areas are terrorist and deserve to be treated as enemy to pakistan, because we are bond to declear them terrorist as we are an ally in US War against terrorism(Muslims).
Questions remains unanswerable, if thats a policy of a peoples elected and voted party then why to blame PML(Q)?, I still remember the faces of PML(Q) spokemans in these kind of situations, but look at this government they dont even feel guilty on any single issue.
What I mean to say is the political sensibility, new ideas, ability to resolve issues, safeguarding moral values and most importantly the "Will to do". But those who are from ages trying to surve there Godfathers can never lead the country, because they are mentally trained to obey the commands instead of given the Orders. They will keep looking toward their masters, creators and boses.
Is it all what we have? is it all what peoples wanting. Real problems are bigger then our observations. we even forgot the differences between independance and dependance, we still claps on the jokers of politics who only knows what words can grab the attention of the audience.
Its time to wake up to take what we deserve, and give them what they deserve the most, otherwise our identity, our religious values even our own childerns will be sold in global market one day.


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