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Sahir Ludhianvi born on March 8, 1921 in Ludhiana, India and died On October 25, 1980, at the age of fifty-nine, Sahir Ludhianvi was a very popular Urdu poet and Hindi lyricist and songwriter. Sahir Ludhianvi is from one of the very few peoples influencial amongs poetry lovers specially the youth.

Khudaa-e-bartar terii zameeN par, zameeN ki Khaatir, ye jaNg kyoN hai?

har ik fatah-o-zafar ke daaman pe Khuun-e-insaaN ka raNg kyoN hai?
zameeN bhi teri, haiN ham bhi tere, ye milkiyat ka savaal kyaa hai?

ye qatl-o-KhuuN ka rivaaz kyoN haiN? ye rasm-o-jaNg-o-jadaal kyaa hai?

jinheiN talab hai jahaan bhar ki unhiiN ka dil itnaa taNg kyoN hai?

Khudaa-e-bartar terii zameeN par, zameeN ki Khaatir, ye jaNg kyoN hai?

Ghareeb maaoN, shareef behnoN ko amn-o-izzat kii zindagii de

jinheiN ataa kii hai tuu ne taaqat, unheiN hidaayat kii roshnii de

saroN meiN kibr-o-Gharoor kyoN hai? diloN ke sheeshe pe zaNg kyoN hai?

Khudaa-e-bartar terii zameeN par, zameeN ki Khaatir ye jaNg kyoN hai?
qazaa ke raste pe jaanevaaloN ko bach ke aane kii raah dena

diloN ke gulshan ujaR na jaayeiN, muhabbatoN ko panaah dena

jahaaN meiN jashn-e-vafaa ke badle, ye jashn-e-teer-o-tufaNg kyoN hai?

Khudaa-e-bartar teri zameeN par, zameeN ki Khaatir, ye jaNg kyoN hai?

Eid-ul-Fitr celebration continues all over Pakistan with great religious fervour and festivity, marking the culmination of the holy month of Ramazan. 

People also exchange gifts and eidi on the occasion of eid, and meet relatives, friends and other peoples with greeting of eid on occasion of islamic festival a biggest Muslims Religious Ceremony, on the Muslim celebrates Eid-ul-Fitar all around the world  
Eid, is a public holiday came at the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. Eid is an Arabic word meaning “festivity”, while Fitr means “charity”

May you all have a blessed and wonderful Eid Mubarrak

The issue of militancy and the Taliban continues to be framed erroneously — most recently as a variant of the “with us or against us” choice: either one supports the military operation in Swat and Fata or one is supportive of the Taliban. Just as the Bush choice has been largely responsible for the chaos and radicalisation in the Muslim world, so the Pakistani variant doing the rounds currently misses the real issue. After all, there is and always has been a consensus in Pakistan that militant extremism should be crushed and the writ of the state and government established.

The disagreement is over how to go about achieving this objective. Should there be an attempt to go to the root causes of militancy and then to resolve the issue through a multi-pronged strategy including dialogue backed by state power as well as policies to bring in the marginalised population by giving them a viable stake in the system? Or does the solution lie in simply unleashing indiscriminate military force to establish the writ of the state while the roots of the problem continue to fester?

Having just returned from a visit to the US organised by the Pakistani community to raise money for Shaukat Khanum Hospital, as a result of meetings arranged by the community I had the opportunity to meet with Senator John Kerry and Congressman Gary Ackerman, both influential players in the context of our region. I was surprised to find both quite open to rethinking their present Afghan strategy. In fact, they have realised that the continuation of the military-centric Bush approach has failed and new options must be examined. There is, therefore, a need to engage with those in the US seeking more viable alternatives for this region as well as with members of the Obama administration. A meaningful engagement can be done through sending a delegation of experts who understand the tribal areas and Afghanistan - not simply the self-anointed “experts” — referred to by one analyst as “native Pakistani informer(s) — who speak what the traditionalists in the US want to hear. I am convinced that a powerful presentation can be made about the need for a US exit strategy from Afghanistan and I believe the Obama Administration can be made to see the following points:

* It is costing the $60 billion a year and costs will go up with the surge - and with no guarantee of a turnaround. Simply sending more troops into a multidimensional conflict will not turn the tide in one’s favour.

* The longer this war goes on, the more chances of a radical takeover in Afghanistan and the greater the threat of radicalisation amongst the Muslim youth. These youth, especially in the Western countries, pose a greater danger to these countries including the US than al-Qaeda.

* The situation in Afghanistan has been moving in favour of the Taliban and deteriorating for Nato and US forces since the past few years.

The question is why our government does not realise that there has to be a new strategy as the current one is sheer madness? The answer is that there are those in our leadership who are quite willing to go along with the current policy of spilling Pakistani blood — both of the soldiers, civilians and militants — as long as they can get dollars and US support. Even more crucial, all the issues of bad governance and corruption (400% rise in 3 years) are papered over as the leadership hides its incompetence under the counter terrorism banner.

Like their predecessors, they also know that if things go out of control in Pakistan, they can always take off to western capitals where their wealth and properties await them.

Beginning from zero militant Taliban in 2004 before the Waziristan operation, today there are around 30 Taliban groups (according to the presentation given by the army to the Parliamentarians). No one has any idea who is backing which group; what percentage are fighting because of Pushtun solidarity; how many belong to the old jehadi groups created at the time of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan; how many are actually criminals and unemployed; how many are paid by the enemies of Pakistan to destabilise the country; and so on. In other words, there is an odd amalgam of militants and criminal elements seeking to destabilise the Pakistani state.

How can military operations be supported when our soldiers die in vain, when each operation produces more militancy as well as increasing the suffering of the local civilian population? While the government correctly claims that drone attacks are counter productive and produce more militancy, would the Pakistan military’s aerial bombardment with its indiscriminate “collateral damage” also not have the same effect?

Herein lies a basic contradiction in the government’s policy. Those who are suffering the most are the people of the tribal areas and Swat - with over three million people displaced, their homes, livelihood and children’s education destroyed.

What about the forgotten Bajaur operation earlier this year when 500,000 civilians were displaced and our soldiers suffered many casualties. Today, the Taliban control the same areas that the army had removed them from earlier. The most disconcerting aspect of the present military action is that no one is interested to know what needs to happen for us for “victory” to be declared.

As happened in the fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan, this “war” could go on endlessly and spread across the country. After all, a brief look at the history of the tribal areas reveals how the British were embroiled in an unwinnable war for 80 years and before them the tribals confronted the Moghuls for 69 years.

Can Pakistan afford these operations for even the next five years? How will we deal with the continuing flow of displaced people - or how long will the IDPs survive living as nomads in their own country? How are we planning to stop the radicalisation of the youth in such conditions? Where will we find the resources to eventually rehabilitate these displaced families, given the massive infrastructure damage? What about the impact on the economy if these operations continue endlessly? Already the political situation in the NWFP is getting worse by the day. We have created perfect environment for our enemies to exploit tensions emerging from the current chaos- ethnic, provincial, religious (shia/sunni, deobandi/barelevi) and class (as in Swat).

The critical question is: what is the solution? In Swat, despite being a severe critic of the timing and nature of the military operation, now that it is in full swing, it has to go on till the writ of the government is established. Otherwise there will be even more anarchy as all existing infrastructure has been destroyed. But there is still a need for a more targeted focus of the military operation and a gearing up of the civil administration including the police and local judiciary.

The solution lies in pulling our troops out of Fata gradually and simultaneously reviving the tribal structure. But this means not only withstanding political pressure from Washington but also doing without US dollars - both of these seem beyond the capability of the current dollar-addicted leadership!

However there are voices within the US political and administrative structures that are becoming more sceptical about the US policy in Afghanistan. For instance, Graham Fuller, the former CIA station chief in Kabul wrote in the International Herald Tribune that there was no military solution to the problem in Afghanistan. According to him, Pakistan was “cracking under the pressure” put on it to “do more” by the US and that the Pakistan security forces could control the militancy within its borders provided Nato leaves Afghanistan. If sane voices in the US can see the writing on the wall, why is our leadership still going down a suicidal course for their own vested interests - destroying the military and the nation in the process?
By Imran Khan

Crisis where more then 2.7 million peoples have lefted their homes with there families including womens and children's with no pre-planning seen against large human crisis faced, rehabilitation of all these Pakistanis is now became political dispute where All Parties have there concerns.
peoples party (PPP)Information Secretary Fauzia Wahab said when asked about that crisis"We do not want these peoples to spread all over the country as we are still facing trouble caused by the permission given to Afghan refugees of yesteryears to stay anywhere. Can we afford to repeat the same experience? she asked"
Can anyone ask her about the rights of every Pakistani to live anywhere in the country without any permission?
Can anyone ask nationalist parties across Pakistan starting form Punjab to Sindh to stop spreading hatred amongst Muslims in Pakistan irrespective of there race and languages?
Can anyone ask the elite class of Pakistan(politicians, bureaucracy, authorities)
to stop sucking the blood now?
Can anyone ask the government to stop begging around the world by the name of poor for their own lavishing lifestyle(imagine a country where the prime minister can afford to wear a watch of about 50,000 to 60,000 US$. According to the details of assets, liabilities given to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) "Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani may be one of the poorest members of the National Assembly (MNAs), as his furniture, fittings and others items of personal use are worth only Rs 200,000, and he owns no other property ??
Point to be admit is that we all are fed up with this system where there is no equality, brotherhood, humanities, believes, faith and most importantly Law, and if you keep running it that way, the system will change it by self.
The societies build on characters, principles are necessary to build the personals, we have to stand on our own and left that international war against Muslims, and start following the law of Quran and Sunnah (Otherwise this war will expend all around with much more blood shades.

Changes likely to be seen in asia as India is currently holding general elections for its lower house in five phases, country of over 1 billion peoples are going to take part in that change. dates announced are as follows :April 16, April 22-April 23, April 30, May 7 and May 13, 2009. The results of the election will be announced on May 16, 2009.
Predictions are already begains with supports to every party, we might see BJP against Congress in better position in this indian election 2009. As we saw in Election 2004 were large number of celebrities participated in indian election same as in this election that we saw peoples from all walk of life supporting and participating in indian election 2009, Navjot Singh Sidhu a famous cricketer as well as television commentary is on ground to support BJP party, Shekhar Suman and Mohammad Azharuddin supporting Congress etc.
List of Parties participating in this indian election 2009:
- Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP)
- Indian National Congress
- Bahujan Samaj party (BSP)
- Samajwadi Party
- Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD)
- Shiv Sena
- Samata Party
- Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPIM)
- Communist Party of India (CPI)
Pakistan Election

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Struggle of pakistani nation has come to an end with the decision of 16 March by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to Restore Judges(including Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary & Other Judges) to perform their duties without a fresh oath. Lawyers, political activists and civil society celebrated the day as a new opening of justise & equality in the country. It will be a check on the Government temper which help stopping them to take strange decisions, with a hope that it might deliever something atleast to the people of pakistan, and we might see real clear politics "STOP EXPECTATION and BRING the CHANGE"

World Halal Forum a step taken by Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Prime Minister of Malaysia in the year 2006 with an objectives to build a strong global halal food industry , With an idea to gather all affiliate persons with halal food industries, to share their experiences their views with others. To sort out the ways for developing and growing a Halal market. To develop Halal Industry with world class standards and to make it globally affactive. To make it symbol of quality and safety.
Program is shedule on 4-5th MAY 2009 Khuala Lumpur,Malaysia. which is Fourth WHF Program, which will be the biggest of its kind with 2,000 delegates attendance from every part of the world.

The Standards stream will cover the 10 modules of the Global Halal Standard. Modules one to five will be discussed on Day 1 and the remaining five will be discussed the next day. The 10 modules are:
• Logistics (subtopics: Warehouse; Transportation; and Terminal)
• Foodservice (subtopics: Restaurants; Catering; and Retail)
• Laboratory Testing and Analysis (subtopics: Ingredients and Products; Nutrition; and Halal Science R&D)
• Animal Feeds and Inputs (subtopics: Feed covering graze and fed, as well as nutrition and supplements; and Non-Food Inputs covering antibiotics and hormones)
• Animal Welfare and Handling (subtopics: Transportation by air, sea and land specifying density, duration, handling, holding yard and care, and segregation; and On Farm issues such as grazing, feedlots and breeding)
• Animal Slaughter and Processing (subtopics: Bovine; Poultry; Ovine; Camel; and Game)
• Non-meat Processed Foods (subtopics: Dairy; Beverage; Confectionary; and Frozen)
• Cosmetics and Toiletries (subtopics: Active Ingredients; and Delivery Medium)
• Pharmaceuticals (subtopics: Active Ingredients; and Delivery Medium)
• Finance (subtopics: Banking and Insurance) World Halal Forum

Coming to SWAT Maulana Sufi Mohammad agreed that Law of Islam should be implemented in Swat region. ANP government in NWFP(khyber pakhtunkhwa) promised that Shariah Law will be implemented and Maulana fazal ullah of Tehreek-e-Taliban sawat while addressing the FM radio said" that we fight a war against those who handed over hundreds of islamic fighters to america.
Beside these talks going on, saveral political analysts are talking about the CIA units in SWAT and other northern areas of pakistan are planning to stop this sharia law to be implemented in SWAT.

Most of us familiar with the meaning of shariah is the "islamic law", the practical implementation of ideology on which islam based upon including politics, defence, justice other social and economical sectors etc.
Step toward the shariah law is a dream of majority of muslim around the world, and muslims are now realising the importance and needs of a state to practise their religion as according to the commandments of God.
If you compair and learn the questions raised in the prespective of this shariah law by many opposition of Shariah in Indonesia, it look similar to the reservation being showing by intellectuals in the implementation of the shariah law in pakistan.
1-That Islamic law will not allow benefits like freedom of expression, protest, freedom of believes etc.
2-Ruler’s supremacy will be on high and it will keep threading Human Rights.
3-Non muslims will be treated as second class citizens
4-Freedom of women's
5-Our growth toward prosperity will greatly be affected
These are some how related to the the basics of democracy(law, human rights, women equality, economy, freedom). The beautiful part of democracy is actually the worst part of humanity, and it gives liberty to speak whatever you want and do whatever you like, and human being has nature to live free and only this nature is the actual reason of fights. Had we not seen enough bounties of democracy specially on muslims in Iraq, afghanistan, pakistan, india, palestine, arab world, African countries?
The core nations ideology was very simple for the Muslims "to obey or taste the thunders". One who obey must surrender and those who refuses should prepare to face our fire. we could see that fire in iraq, palestine, afghanistan and pakistan.
Coming to pakistan where the most popular political party(PPP)nominated the most well known personality most honest amongs 17 crore peoples of pakistan to run the country as a president of pakistan and chairperson of pakistna peoples party. To run what? democracy! Justice!human rights! freedom of womens!
Islamic law has tendency to subvert capital backed Democracy, and dominating nations had captured the resources to malign to let down everything which could stand against them, they dont want to see any shape or any law based on islamic principles. The targets are set for pakistan and are easily understandable now:
1- To let only selected peoples govern the country so that their interest remain safeguarded.
2- Keep pakistan depandent on international Aid.
3- Their influence in Tribal Areas of pakistan.
4- Modernizing the islamic societies.
5- Lobbying for Western interests
6- Sectarianism (political and religious)
IF we are muslim we should believe that the way of Allah the way of Quran is most supreme and no other way, no matter how beautiful it looks. Previous Sawat News

This simple post is to protest against the inhuman sluthering in gaza by israel where more than 1300 people died including womens and childerns and thousands are injured. Although i want to say many things against it, look like all the appropriate sentences are gone and there remain silence. Campaign being launched to Boycott Israili Goods all around thw world. We should know the Pre-war status of gaza where the economic blockade have devastated the daily lives of palestinian peoples, and those rockets which were fired by Hamas(according to israel) bring no more than a smile infront of what they have done with palestinians. Time will decide the winner and loser of that war. More Articles About Palestine