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Most of us familiar with the meaning of shariah is the "islamic law", the practical implementation of ideology on which islam based upon including politics, defence, justice other social and economical sectors etc.
Step toward the shariah law is a dream of majority of muslim around the world, and muslims are now realising the importance and needs of a state to practise their religion as according to the commandments of God.
If you compair and learn the questions raised in the prespective of this shariah law by many opposition of Shariah in Indonesia, it look similar to the reservation being showing by intellectuals in the implementation of the shariah law in pakistan.
1-That Islamic law will not allow benefits like freedom of expression, protest, freedom of believes etc.
2-Ruler’s supremacy will be on high and it will keep threading Human Rights.
3-Non muslims will be treated as second class citizens
4-Freedom of women's
5-Our growth toward prosperity will greatly be affected
These are some how related to the the basics of democracy(law, human rights, women equality, economy, freedom). The beautiful part of democracy is actually the worst part of humanity, and it gives liberty to speak whatever you want and do whatever you like, and human being has nature to live free and only this nature is the actual reason of fights. Had we not seen enough bounties of democracy specially on muslims in Iraq, afghanistan, pakistan, india, palestine, arab world, African countries?
The core nations ideology was very simple for the Muslims "to obey or taste the thunders". One who obey must surrender and those who refuses should prepare to face our fire. we could see that fire in iraq, palestine, afghanistan and pakistan.
Coming to pakistan where the most popular political party(PPP)nominated the most well known personality most honest amongs 17 crore peoples of pakistan to run the country as a president of pakistan and chairperson of pakistna peoples party. To run what? democracy! Justice!human rights! freedom of womens!
Islamic law has tendency to subvert capital backed Democracy, and dominating nations had captured the resources to malign to let down everything which could stand against them, they dont want to see any shape or any law based on islamic principles. The targets are set for pakistan and are easily understandable now:
1- To let only selected peoples govern the country so that their interest remain safeguarded.
2- Keep pakistan depandent on international Aid.
3- Their influence in Tribal Areas of pakistan.
4- Modernizing the islamic societies.
5- Lobbying for Western interests
6- Sectarianism (political and religious)
IF we are muslim we should believe that the way of Allah the way of Quran is most supreme and no other way, no matter how beautiful it looks. Previous Sawat News

  1. Anonymous March 1, 2009 at 8:40 AM  

    indeed very much true...

  2. afaque May 25, 2009 at 12:55 PM  

    If sharia is what you percept why is not a method defined how to impose it. Do you believe that the method adopted by talibanis is acceptable to Allah or whatever he is. The talibanis ruled afganistan for some time. Every one know that what improvement have they made to the nation, humanity and the world.
    SHARIYA forces you to live like a cattle not as human beings.

  3. wajahat June 7, 2009 at 5:43 AM  

    The way of Taliban to impose Sharia is not good & they are not doing any good to kill human as well as mostly Muslims. I totally agree with Adeel & I am sure that most people of Pakistan know that Allah & Quranic ways are to be followed for survival. I dont understand why we take Islam as alien & harsh religion. Be a muslim & think like muslims. We should first correct our beliefe & ideology.

  4. farhan September 15, 2009 at 11:12 PM  

    Totally agreed

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