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Crisis where more then 2.7 million peoples have lefted their homes with there families including womens and children's with no pre-planning seen against large human crisis faced, rehabilitation of all these Pakistanis is now became political dispute where All Parties have there concerns.
peoples party (PPP)Information Secretary Fauzia Wahab said when asked about that crisis"We do not want these peoples to spread all over the country as we are still facing trouble caused by the permission given to Afghan refugees of yesteryears to stay anywhere. Can we afford to repeat the same experience? she asked"
Can anyone ask her about the rights of every Pakistani to live anywhere in the country without any permission?
Can anyone ask nationalist parties across Pakistan starting form Punjab to Sindh to stop spreading hatred amongst Muslims in Pakistan irrespective of there race and languages?
Can anyone ask the elite class of Pakistan(politicians, bureaucracy, authorities)
to stop sucking the blood now?
Can anyone ask the government to stop begging around the world by the name of poor for their own lavishing lifestyle(imagine a country where the prime minister can afford to wear a watch of about 50,000 to 60,000 US$. According to the details of assets, liabilities given to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) "Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani may be one of the poorest members of the National Assembly (MNAs), as his furniture, fittings and others items of personal use are worth only Rs 200,000, and he owns no other property ??
Point to be admit is that we all are fed up with this system where there is no equality, brotherhood, humanities, believes, faith and most importantly Law, and if you keep running it that way, the system will change it by self.
The societies build on characters, principles are necessary to build the personals, we have to stand on our own and left that international war against Muslims, and start following the law of Quran and Sunnah (Otherwise this war will expend all around with much more blood shades.


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