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Protection of Domestic Workers (Specially Womens and Children)Rights in Indonesia

Women domestic workers in Indonesia face human rights abuses at work, including economic exploitation, poor working conditions and gender-based discrimination.
The Domestic workers bill was set in the agenda and decided by the Indonesian parliament with aim to legislate on priority bases.
Women Domestic Workers are in millions in Indonesia without the proper employee rights. These cause for psychological, physical and sexual violence in Indonesia.

Many domestic workers are denied sexual and reproductive rights, such as access to information and services on family planning, contraceptives and the prevention of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Civil society groups have been campaigning for a specific law on domestic workers rights, that will provide legal recognition and safeguard their rights.

Indonesia’s child domestic workers are also among the nation’s most exploited workers. Child domestic workers are almost 30% of the total domestic worker in Indonesia.
Source : Amnesty.org ,thejakartapost.com  Read More Human Rights News


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