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Corruption Conditions in Pakistan

Concerns of the People of Pakistan against worst corruption conditions is a good sign of people awareness and society building, i would like to share a simple letter written by a doctor asking Hamid Mir what he should ask to politician in his program by the people of Pakistan.   
Salam Hamid Mir Sahib
I hope you can put the question to your politician hosts as to what does it mean 
when they say's we will not allow the system to fail or the system should not
be de-railed. Is it the current corruption which is the system? Is it the 
suffering of the poor masses (though not innocent as they are the ones who elect 
these corrupts)is it the destruction of the institutions or the waiting period of
the ones sitting on opposition benches or sitting outside the assemblies. I hope
you may find an answer for my questions. The biggest criminals in this corruption
process are these who talk about the system as they have hidden agreements of 
looting the country by their turn. I think we need a change in the direction where
families are not the rulers and where thieves are not the guardian of the treasury.
This is expected to come only by mobilizing the civil society and the educated 
individuals to vote in the elections as these 70% are ruled by the 30% poor illiterates
of the society who are under direct or indirect control of these corrupt politicians 
and fueds. 


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