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CIA's Man Remond Davis who killed two Pakistanis in Lahore Freed by Additional Session Judge after 47 days. Asad mansoor butt Lawyer for the families said that he has been held for four hours. Third person Killed by US Diplomatic Vehicle on that day when Remond Davis Killed 2 Pakistani’s also ran away from Pakistan after that incident happened.
Remond Davis was not just a murderer but a Spy on special Mission as we saw Police recovered pistol, telescope, navigation system etc. from his Car.
Nobody knows where the families gone after the settlement were made. Compensation Money paid to families according to Officials. Protest against the Federal Government as well as Provincial Government Started in Different Cities of Pakistan just after the judgment issued. All happen in so much hurry that makes the case stranger.
After effects of Remond Davis still to come, at current after a week of protest people understand how secure they are and how much the Government capable of protecting the people of Pakistan and how much the law available to provide justice by pakistan judiciary to common citizens of Pakistan. let see the political dynamics of this remond davis issue when more details will come out.

  1. Anonymous June 17, 2011 at 11:16 AM  

    Respectable sir,
    A.O.A May be it is too late when i am committing .Remand Davis has gone by leaving many questions left behind him.In my opinion if those two Pakistanis were killed by anther Pakistani the issue would not raised so much. The result may declared by directly killing him or set him free.The thing which i want to tell is that if we stop doing violence on each other no can dare to do this. This can only become possible if we follow this message of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.HIM) "AK Musliman doosery Musliman ka neghban ha.Na to khud us par zulm karta hai na hi kisi aur ko us par zulm karne deta hai".

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