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Obama Declared Osama bin Laden Death

Story of Death of Al Qaeda Leader Osama bin Laden by U.S. forces is all Around the News Weather its Television, Newspapers or Internet, People All over the World Searching for the reality behind this conspiracy. As told by the media that there is a Raid by US Army in a House in Abbottabad, Pakistan where Usama Bin Ladden were killed.
Story of the Killing of Osama bin Laden will remain suspicious as like September 11, 2001 incident. There will remain many Stories floating around the news as like many other stories.
Instead of excuse of violating the international law by direct attacking inside Pakistan US questioning Pakistan why and how Osama bin laden Allowed to Live close to military academy?.
According to Central Intelligence Agency (Old Stats) Only Pakistan Air forces have:
Total Aircraft: 710 (2004)
Helicopters: 198 (2003)
Serviceable Airports: 146 (2007)
 Then these Pakistani Air Force Fighter Plans should be placed in Museum so that they can altleast generating some revenue. If Pakistan Army is only to support United State fight against terrorism (US War), then why not Pakistan spend that money allocated for the defense of Pakistani borders to help decrease poorly in the Country! Isn’t it? We are Nuclear Power State! Are we really a Nuclear Power State? Yes US are a Super Power of the World, then why not we accept it openly, and stop passing statements using words like "sovereignty, independent, free nation, dignity, self-respect etc.
Hussain Haqqani i am not sure which country he is Ambassador off, Demand Pakistan to Have Inquiry about Neglegance and Intelligent Failure about Osama living in Abbottabad. Further Clarifying the US point of view hussain Haqqani told Media that "US thought that it would be appropriate and most effective if they did not share their information prior to the operation with anyone”.
At least a non-Muslim Archbishop of Canterbury has some courage of condemning the manner in which Osama bin Laden was killed.


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