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Need Independent Election Commission for Transparent Voting Process

I would like to share some comments send to me by an overseas Pakistani shahid mahmood from Muscat, pointing toward pakistani election system and corruption which became the state policy under the supervision of upper class or Elite class of Pakistan, read it in his own wording:
I want to grasp your attention to one of the bitter reality of our vote system. Me and most of the Pakistani thinks that Imran khan is the soul hope of ray for Pakistan but gloomy situation is that, I am not seeing him prime minister of Pakistan at least in next 4 to 5 elections and the reason is the voters value where the vote of a heroin addict and 90 years old women and men, who are fetched to polling stations in tractor trollies of the land lords of villages cast their vote as they are ordered, is equal to the vote of a professor so the outcome is always the same corrupt people get to Assemblies where they only make piles of money and establish their relations with the powerful countries of the world at the cost of poor people's bloods. Our public has no right to cry after selecting dirty leaders, I am very pessimistic that how and who will train them morally? solution to me is only , the graduate people should have the right to vote for, I know that there are very few leaders who are graduate, If i call them educated illiterate it would be fair.
shahid mahmood
Muscat,sultante of Oman

  1. tariq June 24, 2011 at 12:51 PM  

    I agree with you shahid mahmood, what you said is 100% correct we can't bring the change to people od pakistan under such worst situation.

  2. sarfaraz August 20, 2011 at 10:14 AM  

    Election Commission of Pakistan Meet NADRA authorities.NADRA inform about printing of draft Electoral Rolls by NADRA to be used for country wide door to door verification exercise and its delivery at district level. Further highlighted some practical problems which hindered the gigantic task of printing of more than 80 million voters and delivery of Draft Electoral Rolls in time and requested for extension of timeline earlier decided by the Election Commission. Election Commission of Pakistan Announced completion of whole process till march 2012.

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