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Supreme court announced on friday a decision about constitutional petition aginst holding dual-office by Gen Musharraf, dismissing the petitions filed by opposition leaders, Government party is celebrating the outcome by the court, as well as Election commision has accepted the nomination papers of Pervez musharaf, Amin fahim (pppp) and Wajih-ud-din (represanting pakistan lawyers). On saturday morning when chief election Commissioner Justice (R) Qazi Farooque scrutinizing the papers of nomination for presidental election great protest were seen by the lawyers against pervez musharaf participation in election with holding office of chief of army staff. protest by karachi bar, lahour bar and from other lawers forum were also reported. Hundreds of lawyers as well as political workers and peoples from civil society were torture and arrested by police and other law inforcement agents, also Press and media has apposed harassment and torture done by the police and other agencies in the civil dress as they were only trying to update the nation with the current news in the country, but came under the police strike willingly. Lawyers had once again decided to go to supreme court let see what effect it may cause on presidential election.


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