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Finally musharraf got elected for the next term on 6th of oct, Before that a doument had been signed by Pakistan's president, General Pervez Musharraf order to drop corruption charges against former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto Friday, paving the way for her to return home from self-imposed exile on 18th of oct. Role of APDM is ones again a big question mark as differences between jamat-e-islami and jamiat ulma-e-islam were seen on the issue of desolving provincial assembly, the future of MMA will be decided after the eid-ul-fitar, supreme court hearing will also be started for musharraf case from 17 oct. Son of nawaaz shareef also announced that nawaz shareef will come back to his country in november as saudi government is know agreed to let him go anywhere he wants. MQM decided to remain struck with musharraf what so ever. imran khans of tahreek-e-insaaf looking forward for the election as his party is one of few looking to get a huge support in the next election.


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