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Emergency has been imposed all over the country. According to sources, the president will have extra-ordinary powers. The sources said that President General Pervez Musharraf is likely to address to the nation tonight in this regard. There are reports that the transmission of the private television channels have been terminated in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.
On this occasion, an important meeting of the Supreme Court Bar Association has been held in which it has been decided to strictly resist the imposition of martial law or emergency by the government.
Paramilitary troops have been deployed inside state-run television and radio stations in Islamabad, witnesses said. One TV channel reported that emergency rule may involve the suspension of the constitution.

"Pakistan's President Musharraf has proclaimed a state of emergency and issued a provisional constitutional order, During previous emergencies in Pakistan, a provisional constitutional order has led to the suspension of some basic rights of citizens and for judges to take a fresh oath of office. Full Story

Reuters news agency has reported that government paramilitary troops have been deployed around state-run TV and radio stations. The country's constitution has been suspended. The country's nine Supreme Court judges refused to endorse the provisional order that Musharraf issued. As a result, Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, chief justice of Pakistan's Supreme Court, has been told his services are no longer required. Witnesses have told The Associated Press that police have blocked roads leading to the Supreme Court, where the judges remain inside. No official reason has been given yet for the declaration. Musharraf is expected to address his nuclear-armed, Islamic nation of 161 million people later today. Full Story

Emergency was declared around 5 to 6 PM local time, 8 out of 11 has sign the document that this action is illegal and gathered at the Supreme Court building.A Pakistani intelligence official said that a list had been prepared of prominent Pakistani journalists and opposition politicians who would be detained. People all over the country getting no idea what is happening only source they have are the news websites as all news channels are blocked.


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