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Difficult times continues for media spokemans and Anchors. Shahid Masood, Hamid meer, Talat hussain, Kashif abbasi, Mushtaq minhas, Nusrat Javed and many more have to pay for spoken truth to the nation. When Pervez musharraf coup in 1999, He had some direction to lead the country, and in order to achieve his goal for the country his major objectives were the global market, foreign investors, stronge political structure(controled or independant), and free media. He was very much succeed in his objectives but he completely forgot the meaning of free media. Media represants the point of view of the peoples and thing which musharraf forgot is his unfavourable policies which lead him and the country to the uncertain situation. He should understand the interest and nature of the people and quit his role as a saver of pakistan and let free election to be happen to deside what people want. After 8 year of rule its very normal that one lost his all support both nationally and internationally. But the moment you neglect your surrounding you falls. Position of rulling party was not that bad for the election but after the decision of 3 Nov, they had lost the competetion completely, Mulslim leaque (Q) and MQM are the only two parties effected from it. Let see either Musharraf take his next step in the interest of pakistan or in the interest of his own.


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