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After the conduction of comparatively free, fair and peaceful election, which was very unlikely but thanks to immense pressure by the judiciary, civil society, media and other peoples from inside and out side the country.
After the success of pakistan peoples party (Complete Election Result of 2008)in the Election 2008, most likely formated government will be an alliance between PML(N), PPPP, ANP. There are peoples talking about the efforts going on to pressurise PPPP to make alliance with PML(Q), MQM and ANP.
Government on the other hand throughing everycard they have from cases in the swiss court to NRO(National Reconciliation Ordinance) for building strong pressure on Asif Ali Zardari.
President of the lawyers bar association in the press conferance announced the continuation of the protest for the restoration of judiciary unless the judges restored on the 3rd November position. Otherwise, there will be a strong protest against the newly government on the roads.

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