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What is more to come to open the eyes of muslim world, what are you waiting for? Is your soul also died with your faith? Scare of to be alone if resist before the evil? what if your child was one of the victim of that fire what we called friendly fire or cross fire? Scare of to be treated like Afganistan? Scare of to be ruined like Iraq? Listen they are more live then us even they can response the offense.
Its time to response, its time to wake. Prosperity and wealth is not the sign of success, a true muslim knows that what we have here is artificial and this world will be ended sooner or later.
All the politicians, dictators, kings, rulers, governments, elective represantatives, parties presidents, religious personalities and every individual will be answerable if clame to be a believer of hereafter.
We should all come together to counter this War against Islam(the religion of piece), and war against humanity. One should not be a part of those distroying human values and making this world hell not only for humans but for every living creature.
Killers of those innocent childerns in palestine, Iraq, afganistan will pay the debt of every drop of their blood.

  1. Prily April 7, 2008 at 3:54 AM  

    This is very tough experience of our world.The innocent children?My heart is bleeding now.They don't deserve to live in the world like this!

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