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After seeing so many writing from muslim communities, statements from some of the muslim state for and against the boycott of denish products, some says that we could do something else and this methods only make Muslims look intolerant, and make their image worse. Some analyst also think that the reaction wouldnt be like that if sentiments of cristians been hitted in the same manner(as cartoonizing there religious parsonalities are not that big issue for them) they will not react like that. These kind of Peoples who dont know the religious values, the situation in which muslims are brutally killed everywhere, muslims being disrespected everywhere, and even the governments in almost every muslim country is pro-western with the policies to promote western cuture. Muslim Head of States instead of presenting the voice of muslims in the region following the commands from Pantagon(USA) in order to stay in power against the will of their peoples.
After analysing these kind of situation what else a common muslim have ramain instead of boycotting there products and cutting relations with those countries? At current countries start boycotting danish products are: Kuwait, Sudan, Yemen, Saudia Arab, U.A.E, Local Trade Unions e.t.c.
I think its a complete right of muslims all over the world to do boycott not only there products but every relation, They should remember the time when they Boycott many muslim Companies only because of AL-Qaeda why not muslims can do so? If there sentiments are badly effected List OF Danish Products


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