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ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) alliance came in to being in 2001, with support of 26 NATO nations, 10 Partner countries and 4 Non-NATO Non EAPC State, Currently With 19,000 US troops being largest and 7,750 troops from United Kingdom. Initially ISAF was operation in Kabul against the Taliban and other Local Fighters and were working to strengthen the Puppet Government of Hamid Karzaai, but after Taliban changes there war strategy and set back to different regions to fight gorilla type war ISAF had no other option left to expand there strikes all over the Afghanistan, they increases number of troops from 8000 to almost 50,000 for the large scale military actions. Points which international community gave in response to there presence in the region is the stability to region, reform programs to develop infrastructure, institution building, to bring afghan and acquaint them with the system they called Democracy.

Those familiar with the term "New World Order" knows the meaning of this 3 letter word, that there cant be any other system in this world and one must have to obey it otherwise you cant survive because they will not let you survive, you might suffer with economic sanctions, your state could be called a fail state, you could be portrayed as a most unethical nation and enemy to humanity or you may be called as terrorist (Thanks to western print and electronic media) and could face War suppose to be against terrorism, Your innocent people might suffer the most deadly bombs from the sky, your young generation could be brutally killed or transported to unknown place without any law or justice.

We were discussing Afghanistan, the country who challenge the super power role in the interior matters, decisions and their dominating role in international politics. If Muslim nation as a whole unable to understand the needs of their faith and act according to the message of Quran they will be ruined one by one. As a nation its now time to be free from western philosophy and culture otherwise they will continue making fun of our believes. Someone might remember 9/11 attacks (seems to be Pre-planned Drama to me) where Taliban Government was agreed upon to handover Osama bin laden if they provide solid proof of his involvement in it. But now its an open secret that they have other objects behind this war, Its better Now to identify the real enemy before they start destructing our fundamentals.

Its important not to rely on information and research came from organizations and institutions owned by any country or group of peoples for specific purpose or for their own political interest.

 War Against Islam----


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