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We have just seen a newly elected Government, ready to face plenty of challenges and started fixing evil doing of the last government. Crisis of almost every thing from Electricity to Floor & Sugar have been suffer and still suffering. The government of Shaukat Aziz exported wheat at the rate of $200 per ton without necessary calculation that it may cause Shortage for our own. After the flour shortage came, they imported flour back to Pakistan at the rate of $515 per ton. Interestingly, there are claims that the wheat was never physically removed from Pakistan and was hoarded, with ghost companies created in the gulf region acting as its 'importers.' I Don't know why peoples claiming about the comission earned by Musharraf government from every single crisis, Peoples should thanks to Musharraf for selling only the blood of the muslim nation, for bringing only the food crisis, for giving indigent suiside as a solution for hunger, to present us as a slave to western countries (adobting there culture and there ways).
Those talking about working relation with musharraf would face same consequences as like him after his step dawn from the office of presidency( although i believe PPP and PML(N) would never affort to have any kind of relation within current senario.
New Government should understand that more time you take to clean the mess of the past more hard it will be to do so, and if constitution of pakistan is so weak that it could protect only the stronger and powerful personalities and people like sharifuddin pirzada plays it as a video game, we should change the constitution of pakistan accordingly, doing nothing now means given army another chance to grab all the power with only a single order within few years.
All parties should analyse that there future depend on it and no better time and no metter position there will be for neccesary constitutional changes.


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