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After reading so much discussion on current politics, the tactics, the impression, the political measurements, the expected outcome all remain the same with ultimate focus of every ruler is how to prolong his power and autonomy. This is a simple rule applicable with almost every civilization, every society, every nation irrespective of what century you are in, and what culture you are represanting the rules remains the same, "Ultimate goal of every politician is to acquire maximum power as he can". In democratic culture, "Its a playing field where two powerful elements of one society fight for authority or control on the resources". Let us have a look on the defination of a good politician " One who can make peoples fool again and again with different ways and have extra talent to impress the mob".
One should never do anything except for the interest of people, and what are the public interest without going in the detail let us see some meanings of the words very commonly used in our political senerio these days:
Public interest= His own interest
Terrorist= Muslims
War against Terrorism= War against Muslims
Constitution= shield to protect his own rule
International Co-operation= Need more Money
Fight for the interest of peoples= Fight for his own gain
Political Crisis= conflict of personal interest between political powers

If one like to read the meaning of the words commonly used in political language he/she can buy a book called "Safire's Political Dictionary" by William Safire. It is indeed very much true that reality seems opposite of what sentence said by politicians. We never want to listen to less powerful man weither truth or false and like to give attention to gratifying sentences doesnt matter how foolish they look practically.


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