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Kashmir being one of the longest dispute, unsolved standing from 20th century till today, nobody knows how many millions of peoples being killed, parallized, prisoned by the indian forces which we called "indian millitary terrorism".
Several initiatives from pakistan and india had been taken after 2001 massive army deployment on both sides of the borders which were going towards the nuclear war in the subcontinent. But due to international players involvment and diplomatic efforts from both side lead agreement to maintain a ceasefire. confidence building measures like Bus service, trading, cultural relation etc were introduce with aim that both countries will mobalize their people for some options to solution of kashmir issue. In this regard ex president of pakistan pervez musharraf had taken some unpopular steps to show his seriousness to resolve kashmir issue. pakistan withdraw its support to kashmiri freedom fighters and cease the border to stop the movement of mujahideen, an initiative of a crake dawn against all the active groups in pakistan, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf were even agreed to give up its claim on Kashmir in a proposals, including a withdrawal of troops from kashimr, self-governance system, with no changes in the borders of Kashmir, and a joint supervision mechanism involving India BBC News. But its look tarrifying when we analyse today our current policy & position on kashmir issue. How can we make a single bold policy in the interest of pakistan when we are continues involved in US War against terrorism(Against pakistan)? that should be called US War Against Muslims Values & Faith.
Latest updates coming from occupied Kashmir is that leaders of the All Parties Hurriyet Conference and activist are motivating kashmiri peoples to standup and came out to make the struggle succeed, they are urging to participate in the October 6 Lal Chowk March. Large number of Indian soldiers committing sui-side aslike we saw soldiers fighting in afghanistan and Iraq are committing sui-side because they know what part they had played in evilness and brutal killing of innocent peoples for the name of terrorism. According to kashmir media service organisation such deaths among the indian soldiers raise to 116 since January 2007. Indian troops start martyring innocent youth of kashmir once again on the large scale to subvert the strong resistance, No one to stop indian millitary terrorism?


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