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World Halal Forum a step taken by Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Prime Minister of Malaysia in the year 2006 with an objectives to build a strong global halal food industry , With an idea to gather all affiliate persons with halal food industries, to share their experiences their views with others. To sort out the ways for developing and growing a Halal market. To develop Halal Industry with world class standards and to make it globally affactive. To make it symbol of quality and safety.
Program is shedule on 4-5th MAY 2009 Khuala Lumpur,Malaysia. which is Fourth WHF Program, which will be the biggest of its kind with 2,000 delegates attendance from every part of the world.

The Standards stream will cover the 10 modules of the Global Halal Standard. Modules one to five will be discussed on Day 1 and the remaining five will be discussed the next day. The 10 modules are:
• Logistics (subtopics: Warehouse; Transportation; and Terminal)
• Foodservice (subtopics: Restaurants; Catering; and Retail)
• Laboratory Testing and Analysis (subtopics: Ingredients and Products; Nutrition; and Halal Science R&D)
• Animal Feeds and Inputs (subtopics: Feed covering graze and fed, as well as nutrition and supplements; and Non-Food Inputs covering antibiotics and hormones)
• Animal Welfare and Handling (subtopics: Transportation by air, sea and land specifying density, duration, handling, holding yard and care, and segregation; and On Farm issues such as grazing, feedlots and breeding)
• Animal Slaughter and Processing (subtopics: Bovine; Poultry; Ovine; Camel; and Game)
• Non-meat Processed Foods (subtopics: Dairy; Beverage; Confectionary; and Frozen)
• Cosmetics and Toiletries (subtopics: Active Ingredients; and Delivery Medium)
• Pharmaceuticals (subtopics: Active Ingredients; and Delivery Medium)
• Finance (subtopics: Banking and Insurance) World Halal Forum


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