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Looking at the Reports and News Covering the Recent Karachi Violence started on Tuesday this week and continue till now, Different Between the counts of Deaths reported by different channels and news reporters starting from 20 to more than 70, life of a person ended just some minutes ago.. who was that person? where were he going? what act of him cause him death? Is it his skin color? is it the language he spoke? is it the political loyalty to his party? Do his killer knows that he is killing one of himself?
  President will take notice of that , this notice will be his 1000th notice, prime minister might wait until death reach 100. Political Parties who are mainly responsible for that will come up in media with innocent faces.
  Everyone Knows who are responsible for these Karachi Killing and everyone knows the solution of this Killing once and for all. Eliminating the Terrorist working in all the political parties not only in Karachi but all over Pakistan. Almost all the so called democratic political parties of Pakistan consist of almost 70-80% peoples well known for their corrupt mind set. Political will of this Government is to buy the will of every center of power and they called it policy of reconciliation.
 I urge the ruling class of Pakistan to leave this country with all the money they took from Pakistan and never come back here, We know want to stand on our own. AS ONE NATION

  1. Anonymous August 18, 2011 at 12:27 PM  

    Violence once again started in Karachi, Govt should be send to jail

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