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Pakistan 60th birthday celebration is on the way, people all over the country and out side the country equally enjoying & giving tribute to their forefathers, there remarkable efforts bring unbelievable change in the region in the middle of 20th century. Yes we are astray but are not dead nation, Quid-e-azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is still our hero and his guidelines are still written in the golden words on our hearts.

Those who had studied the circumstances in which Pakistan came in to being, cannot forget and should not forget, knows that how hard that was to make decisions on way to build a new nation, nation for the Muslims where everyone , whatever believe he has, whatever color, race or differences, "ONE NATION" we are. That was the aim before the independence of this country Pakistan.

But whatever we had lost in 60 years, we can still see enthusiasm and hope for the betterment of Pakistan. we were been ruined and rope by corrupt politicians, bureaucracy, army rules. Its time now for upper class who are well enough stronger to play there role in the development of this country. The state where only person having affluence & sources or relation with, can survive and have rights to live!

Message should go i think that we will not do the same as we did earlier, we should need some extra commitments on this special day to be remember able always. we need instant change if we want to life more as a nation or else we will see repeatedly the same story like 1971 when Pakistan breakup in two pieces, we are faces the same situation on this 60th birthday of Pakistan, if we take stand now against our enemy internal and external that's the only chance we have.

  1. Talal August 22, 2007 at 9:12 AM  

    Nice post..Keep posting, with time you'll get ideas on what to write. Keep it up.


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