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The Fight Between leader of the Tehrik-e-Nifaaz Shariat-e-Mohammadi (TNSM) Maulana Fazlullah and Pakistan Army started again, although it has been announced from both side that they are ready fora dialogue, let see when that gonna take place. Maulana Fazlullah's Addressing a gathering of thousands of armed people at Kabal Ground near here on Wednesday, Fazlullah said the government was deliberately deteriorating the situation and was unaware of the consequences of the operation once it was started. MaulanaFazlullah, a;so said if they were attacked, they would respond with full might. The militant leader claimed that they were preachers of peace and wanted to bring peace to the Swat Valley through Islamic Shariah while the government was fighting for dollars. The news
The militants supporting rebellion Maulana Fazlullah showing no leniency to the security forces Friday killed four security men including three FC personnel and a cop in Matta sub division of Swat District, said Secretary Home Badshah Gul Wazir.
Addressing a press conference here at Media Centre of Information Directorate, The home Secretary flanked by IGP NWFP Muhammad Sharif Virk, said that terrorists lifted five of the security men including three FC troops and two police sepoys from Sambat, Baryam and Chaprayal villages of Matta Sub division, and killed four of them and put on display their bodies to the public from the vehicle in Matta bazaar. the security forces were targeted with heavy weaponry by the militants from Imamdheri side which was retaliated with full might and the exchange of firing continued till evening. Associate press of pakistan
Maulana Fazlullah's spokemen told media that they want shariah to be implemented in the area, and Gov did promise us earlier but no effort had ever been made, before that they were ready to unarmed themself on the given condition of the implementation of true shariah in the region. lots depent upon the meeting between Gov & Maulana Fazlullah's representatives. More Related Swat news

  1. Anonymous July 8, 2010 at 10:44 AM  

    Pakistan army is an instition of idiots. If not..then what is the reason to giving this son of a bitch that latitude to threaten the govt as well as the whole country with his own militants?? If this son of a bitch Molvi Fazalullah can not be controlled and caught then I m afraid this pakistan army is not capable enough to confront the very mean enemy India in any way

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