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Musharraf resignation is not and was not the ultimate solution of Current Crisis! We are struggling with our system not by any personals, because whoever came next will repeat doing the same.Hence its proved in current election 2008 Speaking of a silent majority as this word very commonly used by every politicial person to make his statement highly respected and exemplary. The really of that common majority is nothing more than peoples living on strange planet, they talk what you told them to talk, they cant even express the pain and suffering on there own body. This is a beauty of our beloved system we are living in that we have no senses left to identify good and bad.
Why is it too hard to tell a truth when you knows it? Is it Because Nobody else is repeating or present to cover you up by his own story or you find no one to support your theory. whatever the reason maybe we should admit that something somewhere is not rite. We are not suppose to be understanding our sociopolitical system or else our democratic system is incapable of understanding our values and culture. There can't be two ways to fulfill our Ultimate Goals(To submit our will to our creator or to be successful in this world and hear-after). Democratic system of ruling have had enough blessing on our soul in the 60 year history of Pakistan, and we should now think how to achieve our ultimate goals practically.
Everyone agreed that we should have our own economic and political system different then this system, where we are not bound and not dictated by western nations. But when someone comes with an advise speaking about the path to achieve the objectives we all start shouting with "WHAT","HOW","IMPOSSIBLE" kind of things. Some peoples says that we should build our economy first to fight with our enemy, why don't they saw nations with huge economic growth and never ending wealth still depending to be protected my westerner, there Wealth are in West, Pro-western strategies, even self dignity are under coustody. They cant even control there assets, there own resources etc.
The beauty of that system in which we are living in is "WE FEEL LIKE VERY FREE" and believe me thats the worst part of it. Its against the fundamentals of our religion too, and believe me you can't satisfy the both things at the same time. Its finally up to you to decide what to pick. There will be few hurdles but that's what it means when committing something with your God.
What Atleast to be done is to restrict ourself from the evil deeds of that system. We should strengthen our fundamentals so that we have another prospective to be looked and understand in this particular political senario.

  1. Boudia Khan September 23, 2008 at 2:40 AM  

    What a wonderful analysis brother, n i would not say it even Analysis, that is the "Reality", we know it but but what has missing, i am surprise. We should get back to Basic of our own, Allah S.W.T help us. Even the Zardari be our national hero, if he proves Lol.
    Sorry for the translation, but is famouse proverb in Pashto, Don't lose Farts on other Shit. Our war (lol), Western economy(lol), Developments in FATA (Lol)Karachi n whole country is in Dark, No Flour..Developments.

  2. Anonymous September 24, 2008 at 9:53 AM  

    agreed with boudia, but what could we do when our own ruler makes us fool, majority of our population love and believe the sweetness of words by them no matter how stupid they act nobody analysis and care.

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