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Peoples of india and pakistan are looking curious to know the updates of what is coming and decisions taken in the call for APC (All parties conference) by both nations. India this time looking to send some strong message to pakistan on its border or india will look to take the services of those elements being giving serving to stronghold the interest of global powers in this region.
Another important development which were pointed out by many defence experts many times in the past is india-israil relation, Before Mumbai attacks Indian National Congress trys not to go in any relation which could send bad message to INC muslim members. Diplomatic relations between india and israil were officially established in after 90's during Indian National Congress tenure, but this newly relation were at peak when the nationalist BJP party formed their government from 1998 to 2004. Prime minister of israil at that time Ariel Sharon also visited india in 2003 during BJP period.
On the other side global powers knows how worst it will be if pakistan decide to stop fighting US war in this region. it will end with complete vanishing of US roll in this region and possibly the end of unipoloar world, thats also the answer of all the blaims and conspiracies against pakistan started from 9/11 to mumbaii attack. Nation of pakistan should realise the importance of only muslim nuclear power state, but as a state came by the name of Allah and the promise we made to stablish the law of quran and sunnah.
The worst thing is that we muslims have coward leaders, puppet governments, organisations running to safeguard the interest of global powers, nationalist parties with the task to divide muslims by the name of color, cast and sectors.
No matter what more we try to do to be an american ally, no matter when we analyse the game plan of zionist in this region. Quran rightly guided us about disbelievers and they will not stop of their evilness. And sooner the definition of terrorism and terror will be change which were given by global terrorist(america,uk & israil )to put shadow on their evil deeds and blood shading of inoccent muslims.

Kashmir being one of the longest dispute, unsolved standing from 20th century till today, nobody knows how many millions of peoples being killed, parallized, prisoned by the indian forces which we called "indian millitary terrorism".
Several initiatives from pakistan and india had been taken after 2001 massive army deployment on both sides of the borders which were going towards the nuclear war in the subcontinent. But due to international players involvment and diplomatic efforts from both side lead agreement to maintain a ceasefire. confidence building measures like Bus service, trading, cultural relation etc were introduce with aim that both countries will mobalize their people for some options to solution of kashmir issue. In this regard ex president of pakistan pervez musharraf had taken some unpopular steps to show his seriousness to resolve kashmir issue. pakistan withdraw its support to kashmiri freedom fighters and cease the border to stop the movement of mujahideen, an initiative of a crake dawn against all the active groups in pakistan, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf were even agreed to give up its claim on Kashmir in a proposals, including a withdrawal of troops from kashimr, self-governance system, with no changes in the borders of Kashmir, and a joint supervision mechanism involving India BBC News. But its look tarrifying when we analyse today our current policy & position on kashmir issue. How can we make a single bold policy in the interest of pakistan when we are continues involved in US War against terrorism(Against pakistan)? that should be called US War Against Muslims Values & Faith.
Latest updates coming from occupied Kashmir is that leaders of the All Parties Hurriyet Conference and activist are motivating kashmiri peoples to standup and came out to make the struggle succeed, they are urging to participate in the October 6 Lal Chowk March. Large number of Indian soldiers committing sui-side aslike we saw soldiers fighting in afghanistan and Iraq are committing sui-side because they know what part they had played in evilness and brutal killing of innocent peoples for the name of terrorism. According to kashmir media service organisation such deaths among the indian soldiers raise to 116 since January 2007. Indian troops start martyring innocent youth of kashmir once again on the large scale to subvert the strong resistance, No one to stop indian millitary terrorism?

One of the international news channel franch24 recently on air a video covering taliban fighters. Video describing the life of a talibans and how are they operating in the region. Video also covers the attack of talibans on invaded forces and local army of afghanishtan.

If anyone want to see the real version of video & publication on the channel he/she can search it on France24
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Musharraf resignation is not and was not the ultimate solution of Current Crisis! We are struggling with our system not by any personals, because whoever came next will repeat doing the same.Hence its proved in current election 2008 Speaking of a silent majority as this word very commonly used by every politicial person to make his statement highly respected and exemplary. The really of that common majority is nothing more than peoples living on strange planet, they talk what you told them to talk, they cant even express the pain and suffering on there own body. This is a beauty of our beloved system we are living in that we have no senses left to identify good and bad.
Why is it too hard to tell a truth when you knows it? Is it Because Nobody else is repeating or present to cover you up by his own story or you find no one to support your theory. whatever the reason maybe we should admit that something somewhere is not rite. We are not suppose to be understanding our sociopolitical system or else our democratic system is incapable of understanding our values and culture. There can't be two ways to fulfill our Ultimate Goals(To submit our will to our creator or to be successful in this world and hear-after). Democratic system of ruling have had enough blessing on our soul in the 60 year history of Pakistan, and we should now think how to achieve our ultimate goals practically.
Everyone agreed that we should have our own economic and political system different then this system, where we are not bound and not dictated by western nations. But when someone comes with an advise speaking about the path to achieve the objectives we all start shouting with "WHAT","HOW","IMPOSSIBLE" kind of things. Some peoples says that we should build our economy first to fight with our enemy, why don't they saw nations with huge economic growth and never ending wealth still depending to be protected my westerner, there Wealth are in West, Pro-western strategies, even self dignity are under coustody. They cant even control there assets, there own resources etc.
The beauty of that system in which we are living in is "WE FEEL LIKE VERY FREE" and believe me thats the worst part of it. Its against the fundamentals of our religion too, and believe me you can't satisfy the both things at the same time. Its finally up to you to decide what to pick. There will be few hurdles but that's what it means when committing something with your God.
What Atleast to be done is to restrict ourself from the evil deeds of that system. We should strengthen our fundamentals so that we have another prospective to be looked and understand in this particular political senario.

We are running on US Aid, Grants given to us are not because they love us or they want us to be florished. But why not pakistan reject these kind of aids! Are you kidding? Dont you see how well dress our rulers are, you should always give a smile while looking at the shiny car rally of our VIP's. If you are hugry dont be frustrated, get use to electricity shutdown, judiciary will be restore one day(only and if president agree to do so). People who voted PPP should respect NRO and should respect president musharraf and must follow the commands as according to the deal. People of pakistan living in the north-western areas are terrorist and deserve to be treated as enemy to pakistan, because we are bond to declear them terrorist as we are an ally in US War against terrorism(Muslims).
Questions remains unanswerable, if thats a policy of a peoples elected and voted party then why to blame PML(Q)?, I still remember the faces of PML(Q) spokemans in these kind of situations, but look at this government they dont even feel guilty on any single issue.
What I mean to say is the political sensibility, new ideas, ability to resolve issues, safeguarding moral values and most importantly the "Will to do". But those who are from ages trying to surve there Godfathers can never lead the country, because they are mentally trained to obey the commands instead of given the Orders. They will keep looking toward their masters, creators and boses.
Is it all what we have? is it all what peoples wanting. Real problems are bigger then our observations. we even forgot the differences between independance and dependance, we still claps on the jokers of politics who only knows what words can grab the attention of the audience.
Its time to wake up to take what we deserve, and give them what they deserve the most, otherwise our identity, our religious values even our own childerns will be sold in global market one day.

Every nation has its own values and culture, to do something one should know all the requirments of it, we are here talking about Nation of more than 100 Crore peoples.
India when realise how important we are and want to grab maximum advantage of that economic system around the world. India start working on the same pattern as china did, to keep ignoring world politics and try to concentrate on economics while many of countries were involve or force to be involve in dirty games of powerful nations.
Education always give results and india's focus was on right spot. IT sector flourished, now they are one of the biggest back office services providers and education are now start generation a good revenue to indian economics.
Another thing on which India worked is "Cinema" which is playing an important role not in there economics but also in promoting the indian culture all around the globe.
According to Indian Medical Device and Diagnostics Industry Conference. The medical devices market is showing a impressive growth. In India, the growth of the market is estimated between 10-15 percent. US market to reach $5.6 billion in 2008
The Most significant step that the government had Decided in Budget(2008-2009) is 60,000-crore debt relief package benefiting 40 million farmers and it will build confidence among farmer which are in agricultural field.
That was just a general overview of indian economy their are indeed many other factor of it, but the main thing to be noted for developing countries that if you keep focusing in right direction and if your intension are good and God is willing you can achieve like others.

lawyers rally came to an end with claims to have the largest gathering in the history of Islamabad with 2-3 lacks of peoples reach infront of parliment house for the reinstatement of Judges. But the result are same as predicted by many observers and analysts, Lawyer are now looking to change the style of protest to continue the pressure on government but still we are nowhere near the solution as demand by lawyer to restate judiciary as it were on 2 November. Let see how much success they get in the next face of there movement and how come they reunit the groups who were little disappointed after the Long March. look to me that no revolution can change the shadow of darkness. My perception should be wrong.

After the attack on mehman agency where many pakistanis including 11 army man killed local taliban vowed to raise a militia to help Pakistan's army defend the border with Afghanistan. This is not the first time that we have seen these kind of attacks on paistani soil but the difference is only the so called democratic government elected through votes pledge before election that we would not allowed anyone to strike our land and now whats happening, NATO troop striking NATO's Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe (Contemporary Security Studies)every day or two, there aircraft is free to fly anywhere in pakistan and kill whoever they want. where is our soveranity, whom we going to beg for our life? why to make an army? Is this how atomic powers react? Yes this is so because we have the most currupted politicians to rule us, coward army who can only fight with weaks, capitalists sucking the blood and capturing the resources of our nation, Upper class not wanted to share a single rupee with poor.
The peace agreement will not be lasted in such conditions where NATO forces are striking on our border areas and US officials already told that all these Peace talk will be ended soon. We have to identify our real enemy and ask nation to stand against them or else we will be doomed by the slow poison of economic, judicial, social and national crises. 

The Budget(2008-09) of about 2.01 trillion rupees anounced, The main clauses of it are the contractual employees till Grade 15 will be permanent, Import Duty will be increase on all Luxury vehicles. One million housing units will be built for low-income groups, Sales tax raised from 15% to 16%, Federal govt employees salaries raised by 20%. Number of Supreme Court judges increased from 16 to 29, Rs1000 per month to be provided to poor families. Minimum pension raised to Rs2000 from Rs300, Special focus on agricutural and fertilizer sector. Policies are to be made to expend Exports, Duties are made on Imports. The federal government has allocated 549 billion rupees for the Public sector development programmes, Total of 929.5 billion rupees will be spent on the general Public service. Defence budget is around 296 billion rupees

Dr Zaid Hamid of Brass Tacks

Some people should be appreciated not because of there dedication, intellectuality, there knowledge or admirable personality but more importantly there courage to tell the truth boldly in the worst conditions. Mr Zaid Hamid uncovers how capitalists capture the resources and control the world by their evil activities, reality of zionism and there objectives and goals.
Mr. Zaid Hamid has written many articles and handbooks on various defense, strategic and security related issues. His popularity increased after the start of a program on News 1 channel called "Brass Tacks". Its now our responsibility to force government to undo Reko Diq project which is Worlds 5th largest gold and copper reserve and is found on the soil of Chagai District, Balochistan, Pakistan. This was sold by previous Government quietly to foreign multi-Nationals, the astimated value of that national reserve is more than 65 billion dollar and it was sold to some american company for just 25 percent share that would be be used in the development of Balochishtan and importantly the whole audit of this project will be done by them. How could a natural reserve of any country be sold to other country! It is completely unethical, immoral and against the law. The people all over the world should urge against the evil deeds of Zionists who use their invented system to fulfill their goals and objectives. They are responsible for food crisis to energy crisis and now, capturing the national assets.
Zaid Hamid in Brass Tacks recently describe how islamic economic and social system can be practically implemented with the unique concept of using natural currency(Gold and silver) instead of paper currency.

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Are we coming Back to politics of 90'es? Unexpected policies of peoples elected parties. Where are we going and what could we achieve by so called democratic elected government? Most importanly we should set the priorty first to be address. But we as a nation are completely losted in the wested interest of the world power. we couldnt even understand that it is Allah who gave life and decide the Rizq of any nation and no super power interep what you desearve.

If government of pakistan included President Musharraf use to ask everything from USA and unable to use their own skills and talent to savequard the policies good for pakistan then why not they elected any person directly from Bush cabnet to decide the future of our nation. And after the excuse by his own party PML-Q not intrested to be the part of Government in current political situation. He should understand before too late.

Our army? everyone knows about our army, people may die on a road, suiside due to hunger, economic fall. whatever the case no one dear to cutt a single ruppee from their budget. Our beloved army can only operate against our own people, what about all the money we had paid in the taxes to become an atomic power? we couldnt defend a single attack from outside just because our army can only fight with own brothers, what if when india will become more powerful as he trying to progress economically and politically attacks on our land what options we would have? Remember no army can fight with enemy without the support of their peoples and i think our army better knows about their image.

We already had Enough talk on NRO, it is certified that most profitable and less-risky profession of our country is Politics, Just you need to have some money to invest on. Coming back to politics we have to face zardari's constitutional package with hope to be in our national interest(not for his personal interest)and for strengthening our parliment. Movement for Independent Judiciary is started again, let see how much pressure it can build on federal government (PML-N decleared full support in punjab province).

Myanmar Malitary ruling country facing a very deadly cyclone thousands of peoples died and thousands are still missing. The United Nations chief for humanitarian affairs John Holmes estimates 1.5 million people in Myanmar have been affected by Cyclone Nargis.
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon trying military rules to remove difficulties in bringing international aid in the country, so that international community would do something in this difficult time facing by myanmar on humanitarian bases.
Myanmar's Foreign Ministry indicated Friday that it wants relief supplies but not foreign aid workers in the country, saying in a statement carried in state media that the government was delivering emergency aid "with its own labor to the affected areas."
Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA, Norwegian People's Aid, Disaster Emergency Committee launched an appeal for Burma yesterday linking with Save the Children, Christian Aid, World Vision International, British Red Cross, Islamic Relief, Merlin, Oxfam, Tearfund e.t.c
For Donation visit these sites:

After reading so much discussion on current politics, the tactics, the impression, the political measurements, the expected outcome all remain the same with ultimate focus of every ruler is how to prolong his power and autonomy. This is a simple rule applicable with almost every civilization, every society, every nation irrespective of what century you are in, and what culture you are represanting the rules remains the same, "Ultimate goal of every politician is to acquire maximum power as he can". In democratic culture, "Its a playing field where two powerful elements of one society fight for authority or control on the resources". Let us have a look on the defination of a good politician " One who can make peoples fool again and again with different ways and have extra talent to impress the mob".
One should never do anything except for the interest of people, and what are the public interest without going in the detail let us see some meanings of the words very commonly used in our political senerio these days:
Public interest= His own interest
Terrorist= Muslims
War against Terrorism= War against Muslims
Constitution= shield to protect his own rule
International Co-operation= Need more Money
Fight for the interest of peoples= Fight for his own gain
Political Crisis= conflict of personal interest between political powers

If one like to read the meaning of the words commonly used in political language he/she can buy a book called "Safire's Political Dictionary" by William Safire. It is indeed very much true that reality seems opposite of what sentence said by politicians. We never want to listen to less powerful man weither truth or false and like to give attention to gratifying sentences doesnt matter how foolish they look practically.

We have just seen a newly elected Government, ready to face plenty of challenges and started fixing evil doing of the last government. Crisis of almost every thing from Electricity to Floor & Sugar have been suffer and still suffering. The government of Shaukat Aziz exported wheat at the rate of $200 per ton without necessary calculation that it may cause Shortage for our own. After the flour shortage came, they imported flour back to Pakistan at the rate of $515 per ton. Interestingly, there are claims that the wheat was never physically removed from Pakistan and was hoarded, with ghost companies created in the gulf region acting as its 'importers.' I Don't know why peoples claiming about the comission earned by Musharraf government from every single crisis, Peoples should thanks to Musharraf for selling only the blood of the muslim nation, for bringing only the food crisis, for giving indigent suiside as a solution for hunger, to present us as a slave to western countries (adobting there culture and there ways).
Those talking about working relation with musharraf would face same consequences as like him after his step dawn from the office of presidency( although i believe PPP and PML(N) would never affort to have any kind of relation within current senario.
New Government should understand that more time you take to clean the mess of the past more hard it will be to do so, and if constitution of pakistan is so weak that it could protect only the stronger and powerful personalities and people like sharifuddin pirzada plays it as a video game, we should change the constitution of pakistan accordingly, doing nothing now means given army another chance to grab all the power with only a single order within few years.
All parties should analyse that there future depend on it and no better time and no metter position there will be for neccesary constitutional changes.

ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) alliance came in to being in 2001, with support of 26 NATO nations, 10 Partner countries and 4 Non-NATO Non EAPC State, Currently With 19,000 US troops being largest and 7,750 troops from United Kingdom. Initially ISAF was operation in Kabul against the Taliban and other Local Fighters and were working to strengthen the Puppet Government of Hamid Karzaai, but after Taliban changes there war strategy and set back to different regions to fight gorilla type war ISAF had no other option left to expand there strikes all over the Afghanistan, they increases number of troops from 8000 to almost 50,000 for the large scale military actions. Points which international community gave in response to there presence in the region is the stability to region, reform programs to develop infrastructure, institution building, to bring afghan and acquaint them with the system they called Democracy.

Those familiar with the term "New World Order" knows the meaning of this 3 letter word, that there cant be any other system in this world and one must have to obey it otherwise you cant survive because they will not let you survive, you might suffer with economic sanctions, your state could be called a fail state, you could be portrayed as a most unethical nation and enemy to humanity or you may be called as terrorist (Thanks to western print and electronic media) and could face War suppose to be against terrorism, Your innocent people might suffer the most deadly bombs from the sky, your young generation could be brutally killed or transported to unknown place without any law or justice.

We were discussing Afghanistan, the country who challenge the super power role in the interior matters, decisions and their dominating role in international politics. If Muslim nation as a whole unable to understand the needs of their faith and act according to the message of Quran they will be ruined one by one. As a nation its now time to be free from western philosophy and culture otherwise they will continue making fun of our believes. Someone might remember 9/11 attacks (seems to be Pre-planned Drama to me) where Taliban Government was agreed upon to handover Osama bin laden if they provide solid proof of his involvement in it. But now its an open secret that they have other objects behind this war, Its better Now to identify the real enemy before they start destructing our fundamentals.

Its important not to rely on information and research came from organizations and institutions owned by any country or group of peoples for specific purpose or for their own political interest.

 War Against Islam----

The day 23rd March 1940, when our forefather passed a resolution in an All India Muslim League Annual Session at Minto Park Lahour called "Pakistan Resolution", which has its significance and importance in the creation of muslim state "pakistan". Its important to remember the reason for the creation of this State.

At Allahabad Session (December, 1930) of the All India Muslim League, when Iqbal in the Presidential Address, forwarded the idea of a Muslim State in India:

"I would like to see the Punjab, North-West Frontier Provinces, Sind and Baluchistan into a single State. Self-Government within the British Empire or without the British Empire. The formation of the consolidated North-West Indian Muslim State appears to be the final destiny of the Muslims, at least of the North-West India".

Iqbal's letter, of June 21, 1937, to the Quaid-i Azam, only ten months before the former's death:

"A separate federation of Muslim Provinces, reformed on the lines I have suggested above, is the only course by which we can secure a peaceful India and save Muslims from the domination of Non-Muslims. Why should not the Muslims of North-West India and Bengal be considered as nations entitled to self-determination just as other nations in India and outside India are".

Mr.Jnnah ones said after Returning from England in 1934:

"With our own distinctive culture and civilisation, language and literature, art and architecture, names and nomenclature, sense of value and proportion, legal/ laws and moral code, custom and calendar, history and tradition, aptitude and ambitions; in short, we have our own distinctive outlook on life and of life. By all canons of international law we are a Nation."

It is important to keep in mind the facts and requirement that was at the time of creation of this state, Pakistani ideology is based on the fact that the Muslims are completely separate nation, having their own civilization,their own customs,their own culture, their own religion and a totally different way of life from Hindus or any other Nation. Muslims cannot be merged in any other nation because their philosophy of life is based on the principles of Islam.
Its also important for us to act according to the principles of Islam otherwise we will be and our civilization, culture, Values, Politics,social life, economics, our laws and everything will be vanished under the global economic and political changes under the roof of capitalism which is on his peak and start overtaking not the buisnesses but the Nations.

After seeing so many writing from muslim communities, statements from some of the muslim state for and against the boycott of denish products, some says that we could do something else and this methods only make Muslims look intolerant, and make their image worse. Some analyst also think that the reaction wouldnt be like that if sentiments of cristians been hitted in the same manner(as cartoonizing there religious parsonalities are not that big issue for them) they will not react like that. These kind of Peoples who dont know the religious values, the situation in which muslims are brutally killed everywhere, muslims being disrespected everywhere, and even the governments in almost every muslim country is pro-western with the policies to promote western cuture. Muslim Head of States instead of presenting the voice of muslims in the region following the commands from Pantagon(USA) in order to stay in power against the will of their peoples.
After analysing these kind of situation what else a common muslim have ramain instead of boycotting there products and cutting relations with those countries? At current countries start boycotting danish products are: Kuwait, Sudan, Yemen, Saudia Arab, U.A.E, Local Trade Unions e.t.c.
I think its a complete right of muslims all over the world to do boycott not only there products but every relation, They should remember the time when they Boycott many muslim Companies only because of AL-Qaeda why not muslims can do so? If there sentiments are badly effected List OF Danish Products

What is more to come to open the eyes of muslim world, what are you waiting for? Is your soul also died with your faith? Scare of to be alone if resist before the evil? what if your child was one of the victim of that fire what we called friendly fire or cross fire? Scare of to be treated like Afganistan? Scare of to be ruined like Iraq? Listen they are more live then us even they can response the offense.
Its time to response, its time to wake. Prosperity and wealth is not the sign of success, a true muslim knows that what we have here is artificial and this world will be ended sooner or later.
All the politicians, dictators, kings, rulers, governments, elective represantatives, parties presidents, religious personalities and every individual will be answerable if clame to be a believer of hereafter.
We should all come together to counter this War against Islam(the religion of piece), and war against humanity. One should not be a part of those distroying human values and making this world hell not only for humans but for every living creature.
Killers of those innocent childerns in palestine, Iraq, afganistan will pay the debt of every drop of their blood.

After the conduction of comparatively free, fair and peaceful election, which was very unlikely but thanks to immense pressure by the judiciary, civil society, media and other peoples from inside and out side the country.
After the success of pakistan peoples party (Complete Election Result of 2008)in the Election 2008, most likely formated government will be an alliance between PML(N), PPPP, ANP. There are peoples talking about the efforts going on to pressurise PPPP to make alliance with PML(Q), MQM and ANP.
Government on the other hand throughing everycard they have from cases in the swiss court to NRO(National Reconciliation Ordinance) for building strong pressure on Asif Ali Zardari.
President of the lawyers bar association in the press conferance announced the continuation of the protest for the restoration of judiciary unless the judges restored on the 3rd November position. Otherwise, there will be a strong protest against the newly government on the roads.

Today is 17th of Feb, this post is published before election date that is tomorrow(18th of Feb 2008). After a long period of uncertainty where nobody was sure about either there will be an election or not. After hundreds of polls and servey we are finally in position to differentiate those contesting and parties boycotting this election 2008, Here I am giving a List of all political parties in pakistan:
Awami National Party
Awami Tehreek
Balochistan National Party
Balochistan National Movement
Communist Party of Pakistan
Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party
Federal National Movement
Green Party of Pakistan
Jamhoori Wattan Party
Jamiat Ahlehadith Pakistan
Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mehaz
Khaksar Tehrik
Millat Party
National People's Party (NPP)
Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party
Pakistan Awami Tehrik
Pakistan Democratic Party
Pakistan Muslim League (F)
Pakistan People's Party (S)
Hizb ut-Tahrir
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan
Pakistan Progressive Party
Pasban (Voice Against Injustice) (Altaf Shakoor)
Sindh Democratic Alliance
Sindh National Front
Sindh National Party
Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party
Hazara Qumi Mahaz (HQM)
Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians (PPPP),
Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Pakistan Muslim League (Q)
Muttahida Qaumi Movement
Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal,
Jamaat-e-Islami (JI),
Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F)
Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (S)
Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan

IF you want to Know the detail of candidate contesting election 2008 Click here<<Candidate Contesting Election >>
List of Parties Boycotting this Election 2008: Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) boycotting and compaigning against participating in voting process in 55 constituencies of 39 districts (18 in Punjab, 16 in NWFP, two each in Sindh and Balochistan, and Islamabad) whereas Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) was campaigning for boycott in 18 constituencies of 13 districts (seven in NWFP, five in Punjab and one in Sindh). Pakhtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) is running the poll boycott campaign in four constituencies while Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP), Balochistan National Party (BNP), Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) and National Party (NP) are the other prominent parties actively campaigning for an election boycott.

To Check Your Voting Area Electrnically from Election Comission Pakistan Official WEbsite Click Here<<Election Comission Pakistan>>

To Check the list of Constituency Wise Polling Stations <<Polling Stations>>

Peoples being urging to musharraf to quit his appearance and interferance in the political system of pakistan as peoples of pakistan dont want to see a dictator's role any more. Institutions like Judiciary, Media, Political system are badly disturb and civil society keep condemning Musharraf role.
A retired military men gathered at Islamabad appeal to President Musharraf to hand over power to deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Ch. and leave the stage. They also decided to participate in the protest for independant judiciary along side with civil society and lawyers.
One after another Crisis were seen in the couple of days. No control on prices of flour in the country, Gas Shortage in my cities of the country, Electricity is unavailable in winter and nobody knows the planning for summer season.
Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Aitzaz Ahsan before his house arrest Addresses the general house meeting of the Lahore High Court Bar Association on Friday, Aitzaz said terrorism would reduce “by 80 percent” if Musharraf quit.
The Human Rights Watch (HRW) , Musharraf has tilted the electoral playing field by rewriting the constitution and firing the independent judiciary in that country, they also critisize the US and the UK for refusing to condition assistance to the Pakistan Government on improving pre-electoral conditions and for ignoring undemocratic acts by Musharraf because of his support for the "war on terror", the Dawn reported.

The transmission of pakistan's largest private news channel is on Air after a very long time, the channel is officially continues there full transmission from 6 pm local time 21, january 2008.
After a curb on media and judiciary several channels were shut down, but geo news remain under curb of government due to strong criticism by the anchors specially Shahid masood, Kamran khan & Hamid mir on the wrong policies and mis-handling on major issues.
I said it earlier that it will remain undecided untill analysing the programs Geo plays onwards. I thought there might be some adjustment between Government and News Channel thats why we couldnt see the same stance on the issues from it. May be they will remain underpressure as like judiciary and peoples who are still under protest againsts the dictatorship in pakistan, and may be after election we could see any change which is not very likely under current situation.

Here I am sharing some videos came out not very long ago, Although it was about sometimes in the past. Debate conducted at convention center, First came Adnan Kakakhel a Student from Jama Banoria and then Pervez Musharraf responded the Speaker in Part 2.
Part 1:

Part 2:

Here I am giving some statistics for the year ended 2007, the progessive states there are, and also states unable to came out from disasters. According to Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 2007 Finland, Denmark, and New Zealand are perceived to be the world's least corrupt countries, and Somalia and Myanmar are perceived to be the most corrupt. You can check the CPI Score of any country 2007 CPI Score

There was another Statistics came for the Vulnerable Countries those suffering and have danger for the collapse. Ranking are according to social, economic, political, and military indicators, including economic decline and inequality, demographic pressures, war, and corruption, statistics listed Below are based on fundforpeace Organisation Reports :
1. Sudan 2. Iraq 3. Somalia 4. Zimbabwe 5. Chad 6. Ivory Coast 7. Dem. Rep. of the Congo 8. Afghanistan 9. Guinea 10. Central Africn Republic 11. Haiti
12. Pakistan 13. North Korea 14. Burma 15. Uganda 16. Bangladesh 17. Nigeria
18. Ethiopia 19. Burundi 20. Timor-Leste 21. Nepal 22. Uzbekistan 23. Sierra Leone
24. Yemen 25. Sri Lanka 26. Republic of the Congo 27. Liberia 28. Lebanon

The Population Statistics for the year 2007 by U.S. Census Bureau where Chine Remain the most populated Country of the world with population of 1,321,851,888 then came India with 1,129,866,154 and USA was on third place with figure of 301,139,947. List of countries Population 2007

Peoples Keen to have statistics for the disasters came in the year 2007 can have it List of Disasters in 2007